Thursday, 3 January 2013

Introducing: MamaMake's Pixie Hat

Every week, (maybe more, if we're feeling prolific!) we'll show you something in detail from our current line - ether something new or something currently on sale.

Today, we have added a beautiful Pixie hat to our MamaMake knits - these are knitted with 100% pure merino wool, which means it is completely natural and so very soft. These have a strap which fastens under the chin with a lovely button, and there is a little point at the top, ensuring your Little looks every inch the Pixie in this lovely little bonnet.

Pixie hats and Elf hats? Now all we need is something faerie like and we'll have a whole range of magical woodland hats to offer!

This weekend, Kendal will be working on a 'Dorothy' dress from The Wizard of Oz, since that is Ava's current favourite film (and she demands her yarn basket and a dress on, everytime she sees it!). If it goes well, it will be added to our 'Dress Up' line.

(See? Dress, basket, Wizard of Oz...)

Sam is currently designing some gorgeous Fairy skirts inspired by the flowers of each season, which will also be part of our Spring Dress Up line. More details on that to follow.

And since Ava's fairy costume (picked up for a couple of pounds at a Summer car-boot sale) had to be thrown out, we are also working on a very simple, Waldorf-style fairy costume which may even have silky wings attached!

Keep a look out for our Tea Party Dress, too, which is our signature Spring Party dress and will be added very soon (as soon as we can find where it has gone. Ooops!)

Aside from all of that, we will also be adding two different children's slings as well. One will be in a Mei Tai style and one will be more like a ring sling - perfect for carrying dolls and teddies around. They will come in a range of beautiful prints, some vintage, and are totally customisable too.

Pictures and details to follow this weekend!


  1. Lovely hat, lovely little pixie wearing it!

  2. Beautiful website and stunning new clothes. I really want a tutu too.

    Just goes to show no matter who tries to steal your style no one will do it quite like you. MM is so unique and everything about you guys is stylish, understated and very, very whimsical. You should be so proud, and I can't wait to see more!

  3. I love your elf and pixie hats,,how cute does Ava look in that hat?