Saturday, 19 January 2013

First Blossoms of Spring...

...or, How I Came To Love The Tutu

Lately, we have both been working on a number of things - for MamaMake and for friends and family, and whilst we're excited about showing you some of our new items soon, today we thought we'd give you a closer look at our signature tutu - Our 'First Blossoms of Spring' tutu.

The journey of how I came to this tutu is a long one. I have nothing against tutus, but I am, admittedly, a complete and utter tutu snob. I find most too much - too much detail, too much colour, and just too much fuss. Rarely have I seen one that actually makes me think; I love that. I would wear that!

Well, enter Oliver&S and their gorgeous book 'Little Things to Sew' that provided much of the inspiration for this. One of the main reasons for buying their book last Spring was their very beautiful tutu, with layers of subtle, similar colours on top of one another, and fastened with a gorgeous double-ribbon waistband, which not only makes the tutu very adjustable, but means that the netting is sandwiched between two layers of satin ribbon, ensuring no scratching or irritaion to the skin.

And I love it - it symbolises everything MamaMake is about - namely, whimsy and romance, and a simple design that contains all the magic and softness a tutu should, but that is still fuss-free and understated. (We are all about the Less is More when it comes to clothing and dressing up)

(We love it so much, we made it our Spring Banner!)

At the back, a beautiful big bow adds that final touch of whimsy to the tutu and hey-ho, it's done.

We tweaked the Oliver&S design a little, as we do with all patterns, to do our best to make it our own, resulting in a tutu with slightly more volume but the same five layers of netting. We love that the layers of continuous netting give it a gentle and oh-so-romantic feel that makes us melt a little. I kind of wish I could get away with one myself, but really now, there are just some things a pregnant Mama should not try.

For our Spring Tutu we chose colours that resembled the first flowers and buds of Spring time - soft peaches, very pale pinks, ivories and caramels.

We will of course be adding a summer, autumn and winter one too, in the same style, but their own Seasonal colour schemes and names of their very own. But for now, it is a small victory that I have figured out how to package them up and send them off. It took a while, and some kind guidance from fellow Crafters!


  1. I freaking love this tutu, can you do me one in my size hun?

  2. So beautiful, I absolutely love it. X