Sunday, 6 January 2013

Introducing: Little People Slings

Our first 'Little People' sling is done -  this one is in a classic Mei Tai style, and it's reversible! It will be added to our ever expanding 'Dress Up' line.

100% heavyweight cotton with double-thickness straps, this can be worn purple side out or cream side out and on the front or back, just like a Mama/Papa sized Mei Tai. It also has cream stitching details on the straps and body. This size of Mei Tai will fit children from 2 until 5 easily. 

We'll be making these in a variety of different colours, using gorgeous cottons, some new, some vintage, and of course, would be happy to make them in any colour or size required. Also, we'll be adding details like pockets and personalised embroidery - beautiful little doodles, and names too!

We will also be making a ring-sling style Little People carrier very soon in heavy cottons again.

Ms Ava has been carrying her teddies around and giving them big cuddles. These days she is a regular MamaMake model - luckily she takes payment in snuggles. 

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  1. Such an amazing idea! I bet these will do really well Xx