Saturday, 5 January 2013

Introducing: The 'Dorothy' Dress

Sometimes, for no reason you can fathom, you wing something - you design it yourself, pretty much decide what is going where as you go along - and it actually turns out to be just as you imagined. Maybe today the Gods were feeling sorry for me after a trek into town for fabric and yarn had me feeling a little achey, a little tired and a little cross at how many people commented on my impending due date (Think again people, 3 months to go. Now move on.)

This dress is going in our 'Dress Up' line and is inspired and based upon Dorothy's dress from 'The Wizard of Oz'. My little lady is somewhat obsessed with this film right now, which I am more than happy with - it's my favourite childhood film - so a Dorothy dress was in order.

It's adjustable too, which means it will last Ava (or any other MamaMake girls and boys) a good 2 to 3 years of wear. Smocked at the top with buttoned straps, just like Ms Dorothy, then a thick waistband that ties at the back.

I do love smocking - our Smocked Summer Sundresses were a huge hit last summer and will be back with full force in our Summer Line, but it does make for an extremely comfy, easy to put on and adjustable dress. In fact, once your kiddy grows out of it as a dress, it can be used a skirt! Such is the power of good smocking.

But back to Dorothy - my dress passed the test. Ava refused to take it off. She picked up her basket, her dog, and with pigtails in, that was that. She was Dorothy (and I suspect will be now for days, maybe weeks, to come).  Now, to find some red sparkly shoes...


  1. Oh wow, this is amazing! You should do lots of costumes! She looks so cute!

    1. We have a few in the pipeline - If Ava's fairy costume goes well I'll be adding that, and we will certainly be doing seasonal items like fairy skirts and such. I know Sam has lots of exciting ideas about costumes so watch this space!

      Kendal @MM x

  2. Amazing! Can't wait til I have a girl! Do you do adult sizes?

    1. Yes, we can do any size in this. We'll only be listing it up to 9 yrs of age but we are always happy to work on custom orders and can then make it made-to-measure!

      MM x